Software for the Hard Part of Business®

eThink supports people who resolve key business issues the KT WaySM, using systematic, rational processes to achieve rapid and sustainable results. In organizations worldwide, executives and managers use four major KT processes— Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Potential Problem/Opportunity Analysis—to address management issues.

How Does eThink Work?
The intuitive eThink interface and user-friendly features guide the user through the use of Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis, Potential Problem Analysis, Potential Opportunity Analysis, and Situation Appraisal providing real-time electronic coaching, record keeping, and helpful examples. It can be used alone or in multifunctional groups trying to resolve tough issues, often under cost or time pressure. Results are integrated into convenient reports for communicating with others and documenting the thinking behind solutions, decisions, and plans. Contact us to learn more

Announcing eThink V2.0
eThink 2.0 offers a broad range of enhancements that improve the way the software supports problem solving, decision making, setting priority, and managing risk/opportunity. eThink 2.0 includes the ability to predefine customer fields for each process type, select multiple “best choices” in decision analysis, and provide easier access to popular eThink features such as reports, notepad, keyword management, and action items. A new feature expands the existing abilities to export into Microsoft® Excel to include exporting eThink record templates based on process type. The new version is available in all three eThink products: Enterprise, WorkGroup, and Desktop.

Available as Three Products
eThink Enterprise—our collaborative solution—is a client-server application designed to support the integration of Kepner-Tregoe processes into an organization to improve its operations. The eThink Enterprise application focuses on:

  • Enabling groups to generate ideas and collect data about an issue
  • Integrating the use of the Kepner-Tregoe rational processes into work routines
  • Coordinating and monitoring activities while working through an issue
  • Increasing the access to and use of structured knowledge by members of your organization faced with the same or similar issues to resolve

eThink Workgroupsour network solutionis designed to support small teams integrating Kepner-Trepoe processes into their approach to solving problems and making decisions. This solution allows users to share records created by others.

eThink Desktop—our single user application—is used for supporting the user of Kepner-Tregoe processes. It contains many of the features of eThink Enterprise without the capabilities for collaboration and multi-user access. eThink Desktop is ideal for individual users and for facilitating problem-solving or decision-making teams by projecting eThink from the laptop. It also offers a good introduction to eThink for organizations considering an eThink Enterprise system.

eThink is available globally through KT offices serving the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. To request information and ask questions, click here.