Results of the 2010 Kepner-Tregoe International Process Achievement Awards.

Results of the 2010 Kepner-Tregoe International Process Achievement Awards.

We at KT are delighted to announce the results of the 2010 Kepner-Tregoe International Process Achievement Awards. Once again we had a wide number of entries from client organizations around the world and in many different industries. Judging was as always a challenge, but we are pleased to announce the following winners:

Grand Winner in the Operational Excellence Category

Griffin's Foods Limited of New Zealand
Submitted by Chris Geraghty, KT

Griffin’s Foods Limited used KT’s Step Change model to improve the Operational Efficiency of a new production line which was struggling with high waste, high downtime and planning deficiencies. A series of improvement initiatives were selected from a detailed analysis and implemented using KT processes. At the conclusion of the project the line had achieved a 30% improvement in Production Rate and a 47% improvement in Operational Efficiency. This step change improvement represented an ROI over a 12 month period of 12:1.

Single Use Category Winner

UBE Group of Thailand
Submitted by Thanachai Kanjanarat, KT

UBE Group's timely use of KT processes in a Pure Lactam Condensation Tube (1330 E7-2) chemical leakage situation, enabled the plant to avoid an unplanned shutdown and deal with quality issues, resulting in cost savings of around US$100,000. Using the KT Problem Analysis process, the maintenance team focused on gathering relevant factual information, systematically eliminating irrelevant possible causes, collaborating and saving time in finding true cause.

The remaining submissions for 2010 were judged to be of high quality as well, and therefore the judges - Andrew Graham, Andy Cook, Ray Baxter, Christoph Goldenstern and Martin Wing - chose to award Special Winner status to the following submissions:

Special Winner in the Operational Excellence Category

Ladrillera Santafe of Colombia
Submitted by Flavio Capasso from KT Andina S.A.C

Ladrillera Santafe, Colombia's leader in the brick industry, was tackling performance issues throughout its production process, resulting in higher costs and delays, especially when the market was reactivated and started to grow. Plant Managers and Supervisors, trained in KT PSDM, started working on the most pressing issues. After two months of process application, results showed an increase of 6% in the production rate of one line, and a reduction of 56% in the rejection rate of another line. The combined results of the improvements to date, will allow for US$1.25MM in additional annual sales.

Special Winner in the Single Use Category

NEC TOKIN Electronics of Thailand
Submitted by
Sudarat Poopuang, KT
Tawkiat Noisomlee, KT
Thanachai Kanjanarat, KT

Faced with the challenge of meeting increased product orders, NEC TOKIN Electronics, a leading Thai tantalum capacitor manufacturer, applied KT Decision Analysis and Potential Problem Analysis processes to remove the bottleneck in their production process (welding). Applying Decision Analysis enabled the team to collaborate effectively and explore a variety of technological options (Type II welding) while minimizing risk. Instead of just adding a second machine to increase production, the team chose an easy-to-operate machine which increased operator efficiency and on-time delivery, and enhanced customer satisfaction. NEC TOKIN was also able to increase production capacity by 5% and enjoy monthly cost savings of 2.5%.

Special Winner in the Single Use Category

Johnson Controls
Submitted by Sam Bernstine, KT

Johnson Controls (JCI) is a global company providing products and services through three divisions - Power Solutions, Building Efficiency, and Automotive Experience. Employees throughout Johnson Controls have been trained in KT PSDM, and many senior managers have been certified as KT Program Leaders. "Triple Certification" at JCI includes JCMS Lean, Six Sigma, and Kepner-Tregoe. Recently, by applying KT Decision Analysis, JCI was able to save US$5M in choosing a software provider. The leadership at JCI remains committed to using KT processes throughout the company to achieve positive results.

A Hearty Congratulations to all winners.

By using the KT tools of Rational Process you have caused significant operational improvement at your companies.

A job well done!

The work completed in these companies shows the power of KT Tools, and the value that users bring to their organizations.

Congratulations on Your Achievements!