Résolution de Problèmes et Prise de Décisions (eLearning)

Ce eLearning a été développé pour donner un point d’entrée à l’apprentissage et la compréhension des méthodologies Kepner-Tregoe. Il est aujourd’hui existant en langue anglaise uniquement.

This is an ideal option for new members of a team already using KT processes in its day-to-day work, or as an early exposure vehicle for participants who can then move on through the KT curriculum as their career progresses.

Preview KT's eLearning (requires Macromedia Flash Player)

KT has developed a comprehensive approach to eLearning. We utilize high-impact courseware and a powerful learning management system (LMS).  With these, we have the ability to configure content, schedule and manage a wide variety of activities related to the learning and use of KT processes, distribute content rapidly and widely, and track and report on many key metrics. And our courseware can run on KT's LMS, or on a client's LMS.

The combination of courseware and the LMS are used as tools within our broader capability development approach—not to replace any portion of it, but to impart greater flexibility and focus where appropriate. Comprehensive eLearning supports KT programs that build and sustain critical thinking capabilities by providing learners with:

  • A clear and compelling context before learning begins
  • Learning that includes concepts and practice
  • Opportunities to use new skills on real-world situations
  • Systems that support ongoing use of skills

Instructor-led training (ILT) has been a primary strategy for developing capabilities—and rightly so, since it has tremendous strengths. However, as businesses deal with tighter budgets, increasing travel costs, and pressure to reduce time away from the job they are looking for ways to supplement ILT-based capability development to maximize their short- and long-term investments.

KT continues to work with our clients to develop options that support these goals. One way is through the integration of eLearning into our approach by making specific learning experiences and application support tools available through the internet.

Perhaps most important to the integration of eLearning is the understanding that eLearning IS NOT a direct 1:1 substitute for instructor-led training. However, it can be integrated into the approach outlined above in a variety of ways, including:

  • A way to develop increased awareness of KT’s core processes
  • A platform for developing an understanding of how KT rational process may be applied
  • A time- and location-independent opportunity for learning
  • A method for refreshing skills previously learned
  • An extended approach to pre-work in advance of training or other activities

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